14 Februari, 2014

Sexism, Opinion and Expression

When we say "Girls should be in the kitchen!", some may argue that "You are total sexist!" which is undeniably true! How about if "Female is emotional compare to male in general,"? Would you say the speaker as someone sexist too?

Recently, I have gone through some articles written by so call experts (which I am not pretty sure whether they are credible) that suggest “The female are emotional compare to their counterpart”. And I did read some of the arguments on the topic of Sexism. I have to say that if I am a pure innocence who have no idea what the world is, I will most probably interpret the psychology experts are all sexist for their claim I stated above, especially after I come to my own conclusion with all the arguments I read online.

If the scholars are fakes then, they are really sexist! If they are the real deals, they should be called sexist too? Or you would rather say they are not because of their so call scientific evidence then?

Anyway, we have absolute right to express any opinion of our own independently. Yet, as for me, opinion is still an opinion and it is inappropriate if we respond with bad emotions just because it is alien of our little world. We have our own choice on what is acceptable and what is not, but is not our right to judge what others’ thought is false or true based on our definition. But still, it is not absolute for some occasion.
So, what do you think?

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