06 Julai, 2014

Steps and elements of a new media plan

Hello people, so, I guess this is my very last blog entry for PR and New Media subject.  And the video above is me, (how embarrassing).  Actually it is a discussion on the steps and elements of a good new media plan.  In the video (in case you haven’t watch), I talk about the steps on how to come out with a successful plan.  And I guess it can be consider as elements too.  But the video has missed out another part which is the implementation.  So, here comes the writing
In the research stage, the planner should first have sufficient  knowledge and information, including the medium use, the trend and pattern of internal and external audience.  Let us take Carl’s JR Malaysia as example (since it is the one that assigned to my assignment group).  This means that Carl’s JR should know which new media channels that is suitable to use.  To be more specific, since YouTube is a video based platform, Carl’s JR can fully use to show the picture of their foods and restaurant environment with a good music and voice.  Even so, the production cost may be very expensive while Carl’s JR is still concentrated to a small region in Malaysia, and it is not that economic in its current status.  Therefore, YouTube is Perhaps not a good medium.  Next is information regarding the audience.  Here, Carl’s JR should have knowledge on what the audience’s (external) expectation on what should appears on the medium.  As for the internal audience (stakeholders), Carl’s JR should consider how the new media making their staff’s life easier. 
In the objective setting process, the achievement of the new media must be able to be measured.  Which means that Carl’s JR should have set a systematic mechanism to judge whether the implementation this plan is a success or failure.  The mechanism can be anything that shows comparison and figure (e.g. the view, the likes, the shares, the revenue record, etc.).  The set objective at the same time should be logic and very clear and precise.  This means that Carl’s JR should put a goal such as “to have one Carl’s JR restaurant in major cities in peninsular Malaysia in 2017 by encouraging citizens there to subscribe as franchisee” rather than just say that “Carl’s JR wants to have several restaurant around Malaysia”. 
In the Activity, or the action stage, Carl’s JR should come out with new media that is not far from the research data and the set objective.  By taking the “franchisee” example in the above paragraph, Carl’s JR should make its official site to include information such as “how to be a good restaurant manager” to the registered visitors who really wish to become a part of its business. The last two which is the measurement and the evaluation is much related.  Carl’s JR will organize all the figures and compared it to judge the plan.  Well, that’s all from me!  See you again in another entry!!