05 September, 2011

No Body Will Know, No Body!

Terima kasih kepada Cikgu John kerana membantu membaiki tulisan saya. Kepada para pembaca, inilah short story yang saya gunakan semasa pertandingan menulis esei peringkat sekolah. Selamat membaca.

No Body Will Know
by Tan Ee Beng

Mr. Ziest is finally sealed in a brownish-black stone. At that moment, all the wizards hang a happy smile on their faces but not Ethraegn, a young wizard of about 10 or 11. The young boy is angry with everybody. He hates everyone there. Why can’t the Administration of Wizards Department stop this? Why should Mr. Ziest be punished? Many questions cloud his mind all of a sudden. Probably he is still young and do not understand many things. One thing for sure, he is sad with everything that has happened.

Ethraegn then goes to Phizard Jungle as usual to practice his magic skills. But this time, he is accompanied by the unpleasant feelings that make him unable to concentrate on what he wants to do. In the depth of his mind, he recalls the first time he met the left-handed wizard on a bright evening when he failed to handle his spell and almost fell victim to his incompetence. With excellent skills that the Mr. Ziest possessed, Ethraegn was saved from bad injury.

"Hi, little boy, are you all right?" A kind voice came out from the thin lips of an old gentleman with a beautifully carved walking stick on his left hand.
"Yes... I'm all right. Thank you for your help, Mister..."
"Mr. Ziest. And, what is your name?" He replied in a soft tone.
"I'm Ethraegn, and thank you for saving my life. I thought I was finished just now," A crooked smile appeared on the little boy's face. Both of them moved together and sat under a big tree.

Suddenly, Ethraegn remembered that he had heard the name of "Ziest" before but he could not pinpoint when and where.
"Mr. Ziest, can I ask you a question?" asked Ethraegn.
"Yes, why not!"
"You must be someone famous?" The man smiled at him. In his mind, the question sounds a little funny.
"Not really. But why do you ask it?"
"I have heard the name many times before although I had never seen the person himself."
"Ziest Yeugreet, the owner of Bright Blade magic stick." he enlightened Ethraegn.
The boy was pleasantly surprised and could only reply after a few seconds.
"Oh! I remember now! So, you are the wizard with the highest rank in Louphedia and the one who has mastered all the skills in the Louphedia Spells Book, right?"
He felt very happy sitting so close to him. The man smiled again.
"Could you be my teacher and teach me some skills? And share with me all your experience in wizardry, and...and" The boy was getting more excited.
"Slowly boy. I will tell you everthing you want to know." Ethraegn had never enjoyed a whole day like that before.

Ethraegn stops from his reverie. He looks around, clutching his magic stickfirmly. Slowly, he chants some spell and a yellow light emanates from his stick. The light strikes and burns a small tree in front of him.
"Why must he be punished? Why?" His heart cries heavily. He weakly drops onto the yellowed dry grass. The wind passes over his face and sprinkles some drops of rain on his cheeks. It is a sunny drizzle.

"Mr. Ziest! You are surrounded. You had better surrender to us. If not, you will be treated harshly." Mr. Greeskai, the captain of Special Duty Forces barked a serious warning to Mr. Ziest who had just come out from his fortress.
"What is happening, Capten Greeskai? Please explain it properly?" Mr. Greeskai’s army were standing by to launch an assault, and yet Mr. Ziest did not have a clue.

" Let me tell you some thing: You are the only one who has mastered the spell book. Nobody could do it. That means you have already exceeded the normal wizard's ability. As a result, you shall be eliminated to prevent bad things from happening to the citizens of Louphedia. And now that you already know my aim for being here, allow me to do my duty." The captain, with the help of all his followers cast magic spells to trap him but with the great powers he had acquired, Ziest managed to escaped.
"You are wrong! I am harmless. Please trust me. Although I have mastered all the spells in the book, I never use it for the wrong purpose," he tried to explain.
At that time, the three official wizards of Louphedia arrived.
"No body can confirm that. Nobody! shouted the captain. You have become a monster because your high magical abilities can destroy anything you wish. You may think it is too early for me and my army to catch you now, but how can we be sure? Perhaps your skills will be extremely developed tomorrow and then nobody can ever control your actions again. You have to give yourself up to me now!"
All the wizards nodded in agreement with the statement. Seeing that made Mr. Ziest depressed. Looks like everyone in Louphedia thinks he is harmful to the nation, although all he wanted to do was to create many good things for the people.
"If it is what you desire, just do it," Mr Ziest sighed heavily. Without mercy, he was then sealed in a brownish-black stone by the Special Duty Forces.

"Ethraegn! Ethraegn!" A voice suddenly awakens him from his trance.
"Don't be sad. It is fine," A voice he recognizes instantly stimulates his emotions. Spontaneously he turns to the source of the voice and looks at it.
"Mr Ziest! Is it you?" He cries for confirmation.
"It is not important anymore. But what captain Greeskai has done is whathe thinks is good for our nation. So, you should not be sad," replied the voice softly.
"But how? You are a kind man and I know it." Tears begin to flow like rain.
"Nobody will know that, but it’s enough that you do." The voice disappears altogether with the rain in the wind.

"Good bye, Mr Ziest."
Daya Ilham Ee Beng (dengan bantuan En. John dari segi tatabahasa dan klausa kata)

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