20 Jun, 2014

A Talk on Managing Online Presents In the Digital World

Special Thanks to Mr. Azhan Rabi for sharing his knowledge with Bachelor in PR (honors) Students in TARUC
"Remember, whatever goes online, it will be online forever!
Last Saturday, I attended a talk conducted in TAR UC by Mr. Azhan Rabi, a member of Resourcing team in AirAsia; and yeah, the topic discussed has proximity element to me and the Generation Y out there.  It was titled “Managing Online Presence in the Digital World”, and it did touch about social media usage, as well as how we can make use of platforms available online to search for a job.  Here, I includes what I have learn as well as adding in my own understanding and interpretations from the talk.  Let’s begin with some facts and figures!  According to him, approximately 97% of us has an online account, and 65 % of them login daily (The account here is referring to social media account, e.g. Facebook).  Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Skype and so on, whatever we have shown or we plant to show in these social media are actually reflecting ourselves.  Or in shorter terms, this is our digital identity.  I belief that most of youngsters like me out there are kind of very good when come to expression, either with words or with photos.  Whatever we placed online is considered as digital asset.  Besides that, we love selfie so much that almost every place we go should have one shot at least.  It Is fun and happy to see people “like” our status, our photos, our words and our posts.  It is some kind of acknowledgement for some people!  If there is no like then, some of us gone moody, emo and start to think negatively.  When more and more we exposed ourselves online, people get to know us more, and our data become more valuable to some business people or irresponsible parties.  Mr Azhan kept emphasize that what goes online will goes for ever.  You know why?  Even though we have remove the information that we don’t it to exposed to anyone anymore, it will still there for others because it probably has gone viral on internet.  If this data are put together, some people can actually use them to earn money by selling them to the business or advertising company.  As for the irresponsible group, our data is sufficient enough to be misuse against us.  In order to prevent this, all of us are advised to not placing any crucial information online.  But then, whatever we key in will become the assets of the service provider.  E.g. when we upload our status with a good written poems, or some kind of slogan on Facebook, with © some more, Facebook is still possessing them.  In the world of social media, everything changed very fast, including their functions and policies.  Try to imagine how it could possibly be if the social media service provider said that the all users profile can be viewed by others under the new policy.  It will definitely a bad things isn’t it?  Okay, now move on to another crucial point.  Some of the employers did taking account of our digital identity.  It even come so far that the digital profile can shake our reputation and good name.  Try to imagine if our employers saw all silly stuffs on our online account, would you think they will still accept us?  Most probably they will not because digital identity is an extension of who we are.  In short, Mr. Azhan advised that we should think twice before come with any post online.  Make sure that we will have no regret for it.  
Little Appreciation to Mr. Azhan for his wonderful time!
Note:, For those who wish to search for jobs via online platforms, we can actually tryout LinkedIn, a professional network.  Maybe many of us has come across the website such as JobStreet to search for work, LinkedIn can be used for self-advertise, or self-branding, or whatever they call, so that   the employers out there can approach us.  We also can approach  the professionals out there with a more detailed and holistic information.
That’s all for this entry, Have a nice day.

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