23 Jun, 2014

Is it a good mobile app?

This is why it is call the unbreakable Phone

Hey there!  Are you a fan of sports?  If “yes” is your answer, I assume that you may like this entry.  But then, if you are still using the unbreakable cellphone then, it may not be a good news.  It is because I am going to touch about Adidas miCoach.  If you have come across this apps, or even using it now, please feel free to comment on this entry by sharing some of your experience.   

According to Trew (2013), miCoach was announced on the coattails of two other high-profile Android-based watches (the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony SmartWatch 2).  And next, it was made to market shortly before Nike's new FuelBand SE sports tracker.  The Adidas miCoach is actually a device with multifunction.  It is mentioned to have several common-use features which includes watch, heart-rate monitor, rate monitor, accelerometer, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and etc.  To be honest, I really can’t imagine how the device can have such all-in-one crazy feature.  Whatever it is, the miCoach has its own hardware and software.  As for the hardware parts,  it is very suitable and secure to wear while performing a run, while the software is actually referring to the app that is compatible with smart devices such as iPhone and Samsung.  

In basic,
miCoach app provides you the information you need about your sport performances.  It is not limited to only running but it is also some other sports games.  In terms of measurement, it is using hustle as the measurement unit.  The app, with certain additional software or hardware, can help to track your speeds, acceleration the height of every jump, quickness in terms of changing direction, as well as how much ground you have covered (distance). 
In my own opinion, this app is good in a certain degree.  First off, the app is directly targeted to those who are in with sports, and Adidas itself is selling sports items.  In terms of target audience, both the app and the company is the same category.  The app offer a wide range of functions and it drive the sport lover crazy.  For those who plan to become professional players, this app provides a full package to them for what they need.  Whenever they have the app on their hand, with the combination of some devices offered by Adidas, it become something very special.  When customers enjoy the features, Adidas will have built favorable image in their mind.  Next, the app is a way of encouraging people to take sports in a more serious and scientific way.  Since the app can measure movements, it provides values for the users to compare and improve.  It is possible that a person will fall in love to sports just because he or she desires improvements and sometime to compare with others.  The app promote sports in an indirect way with the scientific elements.  As for those professionals sports players, it is a way of self-motivation for a better quality of playing.  Since every movement can be measured, it can be compare and recorded in anytime.  Everyone wants to break record and create new history isn’t it?  This is how the motivation is generated I guess.  Best of all, it is free to use!  In short, the app enhance sports experience to all users besides promoting the healthy way of living  in a very creative way. 

For further reading about this app, please visit  http://micoach.adidas.com/my/multisportapp

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