29 Jun, 2014

Go Viral

Okay people. This time, I decide to come with a video that use to be controversial.  If you are Malaysian, you most probably know this well.  No doubt that this video has spread widely and therefore there is one time when Malaysian started to make jokes on it.  Perhaps it is not as viral as Gangnam Style, yet it is still a good example I guess.  In my previous entries, “viral” has shown up quite a couple of time, but I provide no explanation for it.  And Today, I got the chance.  In my own words, Viral is viral, LOL, just kidding.  If you ask me, I will associate this word with “widespread” and “speed”.  Like the virus out there, the media content can go viral too.  Unlike HIV that requires blood contact, a message in a media require only our senses, typically the sight and hearing.  (Thank god, it is not virus in biology).  When the source (media content) produce stimulus (viewed by others), our sensory organs will transfer it to brain via sensory neuron (interpretation), and then the motor neuron for reflection (further actions, responds and feedback), bla bla bla.  
Now we come to the main business. This video is considered as a viral video not only because that it is popular among Malaysian, but it also has a good number of views.  As for this video I shared here, it has approximately 160 thousand views, which is a large number for me.  Besides, there is another video with similar content uploaded by somebody else with more than 130 thousand views.  Not to mention some other shorter versions which has more than one thousand views.  Adding all these numbers, perhaps it can hit 300 thousand or more. 
Next, it has widely discussed and shared around upon viewing.  When it is shared to others across medium (e.g. from YouTube to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, blogs and microblogs, etc.), it become some kind of trend.  When it is a trend, more and more people started to adopt it to their daily life, and therefore there were jokers played their creativities by creating sarcastic video in various forms and presentations.  Not forgetting those who  have applied the “listen, listen, listen” phrase in their daily conversations with friends and relatives.  The whole cycle is characterize by the word “viral”. 
However, human curiosity will never ended.  And so, I include a recording to explain why is this video stand out from others and get all its way to be selected as a part of news coverage.  Before that, I will first point out the characteristic of a viral video by taking this triple listens as example.  As usual, all information in this entries is in my very own opinion, or I should say  it is a compilation of knowledge from class discussion and my very own view.  Well, I guess that’s all from me in this entry.  We shall see again in another brand new topic regarding the new media in next week or the week after.  Many thanks for your visit!

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